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Apartment D-1104






K dispoziciAvailableСвободноშესაძლებელია

Total area

43.2 m2

Apartment area

35.7 m2

Balcony area

7.5 m2



Studio apartment (1+kitchenette)

There is a fitted wardrobe wall in the entrance and an entry to the bathroom and toilet. The hallway continues into one living area with a kitchenette, a dining area and a sleeping area. Thanks to a double extra bed, the apartment is suitable for 3 adults or two adults and two children.

The premises are fully equipped with luxury furniture, sanitary ware and European quality technologies with an emphasis on feng shui combined with a modern world design. The apartment has a balcony with direct sea views.

Apartment price

Zvýhodněná cena do 31.7.2021 Discount price valid until 7/31/2021do 31.7.2021do 31.7.2021

172 800 USD

Základní cena od 1.8.2021 Price valid from 08/01/2021od 1.8.2021od 1.8.2021

 181 440 USD 

Základní cena od 1.1.2022 Price valid from 01/01/2022od 1.1.2022od 1.1.2022

 190 100 USD 

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